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” INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF EUROPE “???????? by Maria Negreponti-Delivanis

by Maria Negreponti-Delivanis
Let us accept for a second the hypothesis that Mr Samaras had no idea about the real reasons why our partners threw us to the lions, ie the Troika , and why they cold bloodedly poisoned us with the Memoranda. Let us suppose that he had good intentions and is a good European, and therefore – even though the whole package was irrational – he nevertheless believed that…the memoranda could save us; that we were in dire need of the reforms – which turn the labor market into a jungle, which dismantle the public sector with absolutely no justification, tossing in the street 150,000 civil servants, which destroy public health and education, and eventually result in selling out the whole of Greece. Let us assume that the Prime Minister and his team indeed believed in ….the good intentions of our partners, in spite of seeing this destruction proceeding on a daily basis and our economy worsening.  Let us assume  that, indeed, Mr. Samaras believed that the primary surplus – a bubble of Greek blood- corresponding to 0.4 % of GDP, has the potential to save us. Let’s accept this ……

However, after the clear, absolutely sincere and inadmissibly cynical confession by Mr Olli Rehn – and not only ….-that “The EU sacrificed Greece, to save itself,” in favor of which Europe is Mr Samaras calling us to vote for?? for a Europe that impoverishes us, slanders us, brings us back many decades??? Vote for a ruthlessly criminal Europewhich destroyed us, but seems to have no intention to make up for this premeditated crime? Which on the contrary, has the audacity to push us to continue following……this wrong prescription, ie accelerate and complete our destruction ! !

This irrationality has gone on long enough in Greece. It must be stopped immediately ! Nobody in now ravaged Greece –following the EU decision – is entitled to raise the question “Europe or not,” because now this question is not just naive, it is mortally dangerous to our survival. Conversely , if we really want to remain in Europe, the only way out is our strong and collective reaction against it because it essentially condemned us to extinction and the struggle of all of us for a better Europe, for the return to its original specifications and promised operation, and for our salvation , if possible , through this mutation is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, there is no longer any Europe for Greece!


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